In 6th grade, I took a career test that revealed I would either be a lawyer or a journalist. Guess which one won out (though I do like arguing a good point).

Becoming a reporter wasn’t a surprise. I’ve always been a curiosity seeker, asking questions and getting to the who/what/why of everything. It was the next natural step in my life journey.


But my journalism career was cut short when I stumbled into Silicon Valley temp role and got bitten by the tech bug – and never looked back. Communications blended my interests in the quest for facts, with a dash of marketing, and a sprinkle of creativity. I was smitten. 

Even though I was moving up the tech marketing corporate ladder, I was itching to help other companies, so I went out on my own in Y2K. Here I am, 20 years later (with my yummy coffee every morning). But that’s the only work routine I have – every new project is a chance to solve new client marketing challenges and get results.


Whether you’re a big enterprise company, scrappy start-up, or a solo consultant, let’s work together to achieve your goals –  from a shiny new website, to a thought-provoking blog, educational brochure, and more. ​When it all comes together, it’s a brewtiful thing (sorry couldn’t resist).


I look forward to hearing from you.



I'd love to hear from you

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